I"ve recently been posting a lot of macro photos on my Instagram account and I wanted to share a little insight into how I"ve been shooting them and how you can make your own macro lens. All the shots where taken with my Iphone 5 and a lens I got out of an old camera. Sony_CameraSo I had an old camera laying around and decided it was time to either try and fix it or send it to the recycling center. After a few screws came out and my interest in how all the parts came together I quickly knew it was headed to the recycling bin. Since I had it casino online in pieces I thought I would play with the parts and see what I could do with them. While I took pictures of the parts I put one of the lens to the lens of my camera and had a sudden well no duh moment.Lens_Taped_On

From there it was really just figuring out how to attach the lens to my phone so that I wasn"t trying to hold the lens to my phone while steadying the phone, keeping the subject in place and trying to get the appropriate focal distance. As you can see in the photo tape was my answer. Take a look at our Flickr page for more of the photos. The camera that I took apart was a Sony DSC-W70.

Taking_the_shotYou have to get pretty close to get the subject in focus and any sort of movement will make you loose focus. So keeping both the phone and the subject steady is of the utmost importance. I"m working on a way to attach the lens without tape, if you have any suggestions don"t hesitate to send em a message at ryan@checkoff.com